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Surprising job interview tips

By Faeza
11 March 2016


This is for those who’ve landed the interview, but want more than the standard “sit up” and “dress well” tips.

Do you have a few job interviews lined up, but you’re feeling incredibly nervous about them? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are some unusual tips to help you prepare.

1.    Avoid Mondays

When scheduling your interview, try avoiding that first slot on a Monday morning and the last time slot for the week, but if you’re interviewing for an urgent vacancy, try scheduling your interview so that you’re seen among some of the early candidates regardless of the day.

2.    Clean up your social media

Remember THAT night that accidently ended up on Facebook? Best clean it up. There’s an easy way to do so without having to go through every single thing you’ve ever uploaded. Forbes contributor Jon Youshaeisuggests making use of Social Sweepster to clean up your social media. According to Jon, it’s detects profanity and anything, like beer bottles, that may seem suspicious.

3.    Dealing with the “What is your biggest strength or weakness?” question.

This question is enough to let that trickle of sweat run down anyone’s spine. Don’t mask your mistakes. Keep it real, keep it honest. This question also doesn’t have to be as deep and profound as you might think. Just think of something you’d like to work on across the next year or two and discuss that. Simple.

4.    Put your hands up on your lap or table top

This may seem insignificant, but according to a Guardian report, you’re more likely to seem like a better candidate when your hands can be seen. So throw them hands up towards success.

5.    Bring a copy of your resume.

It will provide a point of reference and make you appear more prepared.

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