Susan from Muvhango talks about her painful upbringing and her brother's passing

By Faeza
29 July 2016

Maumela Mahuwa (36) who plays Suzan on Muvhango shares how painful her childhood was and how the passing of her brother affected her.


Maumela grew up in Mamvuka, a small village Limpopo. She was raised by a her mother who later disappeared for five years. “My childhood wasn’t easy, my mother left me when I was a little girl, for five years,” said the actress.

Before her mother left Maumela says it was tough growing up because she used to fight with her elder brother. They usually fought because she felt like their mother always picked his side over hers. She added although they fought  she always knew that he loved her.

“My brother and I didn’t stay together. When my mother left, I lived with relatives. He used to come and check up on me. He taught me things that my mother should’ve, that’s why he was the only person that I was close to," she said.

When her relatives took her in,  she says they treated her like an outsider. They never showed her the same love they would show their biological children.  “I remember when they would go on a vacation they would leave without me. I was neglected, sometimes they would leave me without anything to eat,” she added.

She moved around a few villages in Venda because most of her family membesr would kick her out. “My family members were never really there for me. One of my uncles took me in to live with him, and I settled with him the number of years,” she added.

She adds how she was never close to  her mother, who recently passed away a few weeks ago. "My mother never told me she loved me, until I was in my 30s. We were not that close when she passed away, but we were in good terms,” said the actress.


“I didn’t know my father like my brother did. Before he died, my brother planned for me to go meet our father whom I didn’t know.  Sadly before we were about to reconcile with him, my brother died in a car accident,” Maumela said.

Dealing with the loss of her brother was really tough for her.

“The first time I met my father was at my brother's funeral, we tried talking but we never got along our relationship is still sour till today. I wanted to build a relationship with him, but it was like I was forcing him. I never hated my father, he was absent all my life and all I wanted was him to be there for me,” she said.


She added that dealing with a family that was never been there for her has made her stronger. She says even though she is not that close to them, they will always be part of her life.

“I am not holding grudges or anything with my family. I think I wouldn't have been where I am today if things didn't go as they went." concluded Maumela.