Take her/him out

By Faeza
24 June 2015

Sometimes going to weekly dates can be a bit boring for many couples, it is important to experience other ideas on your dates.

Below are some of the ideas that are separate from the usual movie and dinner thing. Some of the dates can be absolutely free.


  • You can always try something unique like getting involved in something legal like volunteering in a soup kitchen.
  • You can try star gazing in the country. You can add a map to your luggage to look for interesting places.
  • Visit a public place like a mall, shopping centre and park where you can chill and make up stories about people who pass you by.
  • You can use your old clothes to make scary costumes and later show one another the final product.
  • You can go to an empty church where you can sit and chat about your spiritual belief and at the same time pray for one another.


  • You can always settle for games in your early teen days like cards, darts and table tennis.
  • You can go around the city or town visiting places that you have never been to.
  • You could try baking or building something together like pizza, ice cream or vetkoek.  Later you can enjoy it together.
  • You can catch ride in a local train or bus to tour around the city and talk about the sites you see.
  • Visit a local zoo to see some interesting animals. There are always animals that are worth talking about together.


  • You can try something a bit scary or silly like climbing a tree together or feeding ducks or doves.
  • Try a picnic in an old fashioned way.
  • Tent camping is also good for new experiences and it gives you time to talk things through without interruptions.


  • You can make a big fire together and bring a blanket so that both of you can sit around it and chat until you fall asleep.
  • You can also opt for reading one another some stories. This can go on all night.
  • Take along some marshmallows and twigs