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Taking care of your lips

By Faeza
09 October 2015

Here's how to do it:

¦ Always keep lips moisturised by applying a natural lip balm.

¦ Apply it before going to bed.

¦ Stop licking your lips. It is a bad habit that makes them dry.

¦ Cracked lips mean you have a vitamin B2 deficiency. Make sure that your food contains enough vitamin B supplements.

¦ Choose a lipstick containing moisturising ingredients.

¦ In winter, avoid balms containing glycerin, petrochemical products, alcohol, menthol and retinol. Use ones with shea butter, clarified butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil. These moisturise your lips and prevent them from drying out.

¦ Use lipstick sparingly – only when you need it most. Always use lip products from reputable brands.

¦ Check the expiry date and don't use expired lipsticks or lip products.

¦ Always remove your lip make-up using a good lip make-up remover before going to bed. Then apply a good moisturising lip balm.