Test all things and hold onto what is good

By Faeza
08 September 2015

We are living in those time which the word, the prophets, the Messiah and the apostles spoke of. So let's us be like the Bereans. Let's search for the truth. We have seen evil that surpasses all evil after the flood. There is confusion in the hearts of men. Many are seeking the true worshipping of Elohim but they are hindered by the false doctrine that has been peddled time immemorial.

The word of YaHWeH has been traded for the love of money and power. It has been placed second to the doctrine of man, (Doctrine of the Nicolaitans) (2 Peter 2:15,19; Jude1:4 Revelation 2:15) But some people unknowingly have been made to worship the new idol a creation of men as from 325AD at The Council of Nicaea not the Creator, Who is blessed forever. Leading people through the wider gate written in the Book of Matthew 7:13. Hence YaHWeH said through the prophet Hosea "My people are perishing because of lack of knowledge" (Hosea 4:6)


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH

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