The 10 worst diet myths Part 1

By admin
17 August 2013

Women are bombarded by false information. Here is a list of myths. Drink lots of fruit juice as long as it is pure: The human body copes well with small amounts of fructose and glucose from eating single servings of fresh fruit. In other words eat your fruit don’t drink it.

Fat-free is the only way to diet: By resisting all fats, we’ve probably increased our exposure to inflammatory conditions such as heart disease, abdominal obesity, hypertension, diabetes and certain cancers. You should be allowed to take-in some form of fats.

Base your meals on cereal and starches: Doing this could lead to an increased production of insulin, a large amount of blood sugar is released from starches. Fresh fruit and vegetables are a healthier alternative to starchy foods.

Jelly babies and marshmallows are fat-free and not fattening: If you think you can regularly indulge in a packet of fat free jelly babies while trying to lose weight, you’ve fallen into a trap. High insulin release is exactly what you want to avoid if you want lasting success with weight loss.

Eat at least five fruits daily: It’s no use eating your daily junk diet and then soothing your conscience because even fruit is fattening.