The 10 worst diet myths Part 2

By admin
18 August 2013

Avocado is fattening: This healthy fruit has been unfairly blamed as being fattening for too long. Fruit is generally fat free and fat in avocado is not ‘high fat’, ‘bad fat’ or even fattening.

It’s what you eat not when you eat: We often skimp on our food intake during the day, with the result that by late afternoon our need for blood-sugar replenishment overrides all reason. Eat frequently and in small portions.

Apple cider vinegar breaks down fats: The only thing apple cider does is break down the lining in your stomach it will not make you thin it will give you stomach ulcers.

Breakfast cereal and breakfast bars will make you thin: If you want to kick start your insulin production to put your body in effective fat storage mode, try doing this. This will give you the yo-yo effect so be prepared to be a lot worse than when you started.

Cream crackers, rice cakes and popcorn are ‘free foods’:  The term free refers to the low-kilojoules contents of these foods, but by frequently eating ‘free’ starches you’re stimulating insulin production.