The advantages and disadvantages of give him a BJ

By Faeza
08 November 2016

SEX should be exciting and pleasurable, and nothing is as exciting as trying something

new with your partner. Adding oral sex to your sex life might just be what you and your partner need to spice up your sex life.


According to Dr Tumi West, a doctor based in Johannesburg, there are several types of oral sex that couples can try:

¯ Cunnilingus, often referred to as cunnilinctus, is oral stimulation of a woman’s private part and/or vulva, by her partner’s lips and tongue.

¯ Fellatio, also known as a blow job, is stimulation of a man’s manhood by his partners mouth, usually by licking or sucking.

¯ Nippling is sucking or licking your partner’s nipples.

¯ Oro-anal, often referred to as rimming, is stimulation of the anus with the tongue or lips.


According to Dr Tumi, swallowing semen can actually be beneficial to your health, as semen contains spermatozoa and the hormone cortisol that comes with it, which is known to increase affection, and oxytocin, a hormone which can elevate our moods. “It also contains the hormone, thyrotropin, the chemical messenger serotonin, which is an anti-depressant and melatonin, a hormone known to induce sleep,” he says.


Dr Tumi says as with other types of sexual activity, oral sex carries the risk of contracting STIs. STIs can spread from the genital area to the mouth and from the mouth to the genital area. It may be possible to get some STIs in the mouth or throat from giving

oral sex to a partner with a genital or anal infection, particularly from giving a blow job,” he says.