The amazing good you can do with a bread tag part 3

By Faeza
02 November 2015

Premier bakeries is partnering with The sweethearts Foundation to support this worthy cause, and urging the public and their competitors to get involved.

Bread for change

Premier’s Cape Town bakery was the first to collect enough bread tags for a wheelchair donation. The collection culminated in the donation of a wheelchair to a 71-year old Zeerust resident on the 26th of September. This marked the beginning of what Premier hopes to be a rewarding partnership with The Sweethearts Foundation.

Since starting the initiative, both the Durban and East London Premier bakeries have collected enough bread tags to donate one wheelchair each so far.

“The first three wheelchairs donated by our bakeries will go a long way to better the lives of those who receive them, but this is just the beginning of what we hope will be many more considerable collections and meaningful donations,” says Premier Corporate Communications Officer Nodumo Novuka.

Although the foundation’s primary focus is the donation of wheelchairs, their devoted volunteers also assist further with the donation of diapers to wheelchair recipients who cannot afford them, as well as clothing, food, blankets and books. Increased support has allowed the foundation to begin donating wheelchairs to children with disabilities, not just adults.