The Butler

By admin
28 March 2014

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From a life as a slave, born and raised on a cotton farm in the American South to being a valued confidant to Presidents in the White house at a crucial time in America’s history. The Butler is based on the life of Cecil Gains (played by Forest Whitacker) a slave on a cotton farm in Gerogia who after losing both his parents to the cruelty of white cotton farmers becomes a house servant and eventually makes it out into the city where his life of servitude leads him to the white house where his lessons as a house slave build him up to being a trusted advisor and butler to 7 presidents over 34 years.

The moving story takes us through one man’s pain and inner conflict from his rebellious teen sons to his neglected alcoholic wife (played by Oprah Winfrey). It is an emotional look at how a man who was taught to be invisible made a difference .