The crowd will always cloud the voice of reason

By Faeza
18 August 2016

Pastor Musawenkosi W Simelane writes about the crowd clouding the voice of reason.

I am taken in spirit to the scripture in Matthew chapter 5. Matthew starts the chapter by describing what Jesus saw. He saw the multitude. He saw a crowd. He had a lesson to present. According to the plan of the lesson it was not going to be easily presented if the environment was filled with a multitude.

The multitude represents a variety of people with diverse expectations and attitudes and goals but may be united by a common often corrupt vision. The crowd is not ready to receive a voice of reason, but a voice of self-gain and selfish ambitions. In a crowd there is an attitude which says “what we want is what we get no matter what it takes”. In Matthew 27: 17 the crowd was not prepared to reason but was determined to kill Jesus. The king of Kings knew about this mob psychology that is why when He saw the multitude He went up into a mountain.

The voice of reason would always prevail in an environment that is conducive. That is what made Jesus to settle down. When He was settled, it was a perfect time for the voice of reason to flow. It is very important for the teachers of the word to understand the types of audience they have before they may begin to teach the word. Ask yourself if you have the disciples of the crowd. The crowd would want to hear what they want to hear as Paul warned in II Timothy 4: 3-4.

The disciples understood that their master wanted to share with them a voice of reason. When He climbed the mountain, they climbed too. When He sat down they came to Him. Those who seek his Kingdom as suggested in Matthew 6:33 would come sit next to Jesus even when there is no water to be turned into wine, even if there is no fish and bread and even if there is no any other miracle. They seek nothing but the voice of reason. The crowd want to see signs as they wanted to see  such in Matthew 16:1, but the disciples, the true disciples would come to him whether there is a sign or not.

Nowadays the crowd clouds the voice from all angles, from the church floor and from the pulpit. The congregation full of the crowd attitude would ululate and shout Amen to the voice and word they choose to hear. The clergy on the other end, from the pulpit would also want to please the crowd with the voice they want to hear. There are even attempts from the side of the men of God to “pull the crowd”. Some methods used are really compromising the standard of the gospel as contrary to the warning of Paul the Apostle in Romans 12:2. As the standard is dramatically compromised the voice of reason is clouded.

The crowd would not hear and understand the concept of the kingdom of heaven the disciples will always do. The crowd can never be comforted by the word of God only the disciples can. The crowd will never understand the concept of inheritance of the earth only the disciples can; the crowd cannot be filled only the disciples can.