The dangers of drugs

By admin
09 October 2013

Drug abuse is a reality for a lot of youngsters. Be in control when it happens to your child. Tumi Diale, child psychologist, advises:

“Drugs can be defined as a substance (natural or synthetic) that, when consumed, brings about sensory, physical or psychological change. “Parents generally react in different ways when they discover that their children are using drugs. Their reactions range from anger to guilt and a sense of failure. They start blaming themselves for poor parenting even if they have done their best to raise their children. It is therefore important for parents not to blame themselves and not to pretend there is no problem and start being proactive.”

Here are a few tips for parents:

• Ask other adults if they notice any change in your child. You can speak to teachers, guidance educators, sports coaches, and people in the community who know your child, for instance, at the church.

• Start communicating with your child and discuss your concerns with him. He may deny it at first, but make sure he understands your fears and that you are not there to blame or punish him but to provide help and support. If your child does not open up, you can refer him for psychotherapy.

• Explore what is going on in his emotional and social life that might prompt drug abuse.

• When you do find out your child is taking drugs, admit that there is a problem and seek help.

• Finally, listen to what your child says to you and don’t jump to conclusions. Love your children and give them the support they need.