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The Empty Shop Q & A

By Faeza
06 November 2015

What is The Empty Shop?

The Empty Shop is an award-winning global CSI campaign that has created a unique way of donating clothing, accessories and in 2015 the collection of toys and children books has been included in South Africa.

How does The Empty Shop concept work?

Donate, style and empty. The general public is invited to contribute pre-loved clothing, accessories, toys and children books. Clothing and accessories are then transformed daily on mannequins with show-stopping looks. Every evening the store will be emptied and ready to receive new donations the next day.

When and where did The Empty Shop originate?

The Empty Shop was pioneered in 2013 at the Villalobos Mall, São Paulo.

Which other cities have hosted The Empty Shop concept?

Other cities that have hosted The Empty Shop include Milan, Berlin, Austin, Manchester, Buenos Aires and Riga amongst a long list.

When was The Empty Shop launched in South Africa?

The Empty Shop was launched in South Africa on October 28, 2014 with a media and celebrity launch. The Empty Shop opened to the public October 29th - November 16th, 2015.

How much was donated from the 2014 campaign?

The Empty Shop collected four tons of clothing donations, exceeding 3.2 tons record set by Brazil. In total, more than 15 000 items of clothing were donated towards Sandton City’s 2014 charity recipient, HospiceWits. To date R 640,696.30 has been raised from the clothing sold at HospiceWits stores

Has The Empty Shop been hosted anywhere else in Africa?

No. This is the second time The Empty Shop will be hosted in South Africa.

Who are the partners is involved in The Empty Shop campaign in South Africa?

Sandton City in partnership with McCann Johannesburg.

What is Sandton City’s role?

Sandton City has funded The Empty Shop and is hosting the store. Through its marketing, Sandton City encourages all customers and tenants to donate towards The Empty Shop.

What is McCann Johannesburg’s role?

McCann Johannesburg first identified The Empty Shop in Brazil. The next step was to find a partner to adapt this concept for the South African market. Africa’s leading fashion hub, Sandton City was a natural fit to create and bring this unique approach to donating in SA.

Where is The Empty Shop situated?

The Empty Shop is situated at the Sandton City’s Checkers Court.

When will The Empty Shop be open in 2015?

The Empty Shop has been open to the public October 28th –November 15th 2015.

What are the operating times of The Empty Shop?

The Empty Shop will be operate during Sandton City‘s trading hours:

Monday - Saturday: 09h00 - 20h00; and

Sunday: 09h00 – 18h00.

Who can donate clothing, accessories, toys and children books?

Everyone and anyone is invited to donate clothing, accessories, toys and children books to The Empty Shop.

Is there an age limit to who can donate?

No, there is no age limit. No matter the age, anyone who has clothing, accessories, toys and children books collecting dust in their cupboards is invited to donate to The Empty Shop. Children should first ask their parents for permission.

Are there any prerequisites to donating to The Empty Shop?

The only prerequisite is that clothing should be clean and wearable while children’s toys and books need to be in good condition.

How does one donate to The Empty Shop?

Simply fill your bag/s with your much-loved clothing, accessories, toys or children books and handover at The Empty Shop till.

  1. Donate any item of clothing, accessory, toys or children books.
  2. Bring it to The Empty Shop and hand it over to the shop assistant.
  3. The donated clothing will be styled by shop stylists and showcased on mannequin’s in-store.
  4. Each night the shop will be emptied.
  5. This year the public can also purchase clothing that catches their eye at affordable prices on November 14&15.
  6. All clothing, accessories, books and educational toys will be sold at The Empty Shop and proceeds will be donated to Tomorrow Trust.

Who is the charity beneficiary for 2015?

All proceeds, as well as unsold items, will be donated to Tomorrow Trust.

What does Tomorrow Trust do?

Tomorrow Trust supports orphaned and vulnerable children throughout their educational journey. Providing holistic education, the Johannesburg-based NGO focuses on academic and life skills, thereby empowering the youngsters to reach their full potential as self-sustaining and proactive members of society.

Are there restrictions to taking pictures in The Empty Shop?

No, there are no restrictions to taking pictures in the store.

Are there restrictions to sharing pictures on social media?

The only request is to respect The Empty Shop branding and not use it inappropriately. The public is invited to share pictures on personal social media platforms to spread the word.

Where can one find more information on The Empty Shop?

Spread the word and join the conversation on social media:

Twitter: @SandtonCity


Instagram: @Sandtonista


Who can media contact for more information?

The media can contact Sinqobile Ngcobo from Weber Shandwick, South Africa on (011) 235 4691, or Sandton City’s communications manager, Kerry Phillips, on (011) 217 6044.