The Fergusons and their teenage love affair

By Faeza
18 May 2016

These two are a true definition of “meant to be”

They have been married for more than 10 years but there way they behave around each other is like puppy love.   It’s because Shona knows how to take proper care of his leading lady, from surprising her with gifts to romantic slow dances.  

So I just got home and found this parked in my garage! OMG I really have no words Shona Ferguson! I am one very lucky wife! Thank you for just... YOU! #AMG63s #LoveIsABeautifulThing #ForeverGrateful #LoveLivesHere #Wowza

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Shina recently took to Twitter to shared a lovely between him and his Connie Ferguson, who made a sweet request.

“After a long day at work wifey asks me to dance with her. My Queen in my arms is all I need. Forever & always,” he captioned the snap on Twitter.

They are truly an inspiring couple to look up to.