The good and the bad when dating a Ben10

By Faeza
14 June 2016

Way to go, cougar! If there's a hot young man on your radar, we have some tips to help you weigh up the pros and cons of dating a younger guy.


A younger guy will be more youthful. He might introduce you to some exciting new recreational activities, and open up a whole new world of social opportunities. A younger guy may be more willing to accept change. As we get older, we often resist change, but dating a younger man may help add a new perspective on this, allowing you to accept change more readily.

A younger guy may give you more attention. Men often like dating older women because it makes them feel more youthful. They also like the attention from someone who is more sophisticated and has more life experience.

Dating a younger man can make you feel more youthful, sexy, and confident. It is certainly a great self-esteem booster!


Younger men are often afraid of commitment, or simply arenâ??t ready to be in a serious relationship. This can be a problem if you are thinking long-term, and would like a more stable, predictable relationship.

A younger guy may not be willing to discuss problems when they arise. Many guys take longer to mature and havenâ??t learned good relationship skills. Not being able to discuss issues can lead to a serious breakdown of communication in the relationship.

A younger guy may have difficulty managing money. Many young men spend frivolously and act irresponsibly where money is concerned.

While he will probably mature and learn to manage his money eventually, youâ??ll need to figure out how long youâ??re willing to wait for this to happen.

A younger guy may still be finding his career path. He may jump from job to job, searching for something that interests him. This can cause uncertainty and financial instability in the relationship.

Source: All4Women