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The Gospel according to Dr Tumi

By Faeza
24 March 2017

DR Tumi, whose real name is Tumišang Makweya, is without a doubt the architect of a new phenomenon in gospel music. Fresh from celebrating the success of his first album, Love and Grace, that racked over 12 awards and went double platinum, the psalmist is now enjoying the success of his latest album, Heart of the King. Within a few weeks of

its release, the album has gone gold by selling more than 15 000 units.


Though he is a fairly new phenomenon, he has pushed gospel into new melodic

territory and has forged an uncommon connection with gospel fans around Africa,

whose ears were used to a different kind of gospel. This is an amazing achievement

for a brand of gospel that appeals to a certain market. His winning formula is his performances and lyrics that are earnest statements of affection towards the divine.


His was a long walk to stardom. In 2003, he took part in the Coca-Cola Popstars and made it to the Top 20 in a competition of 16 000 participants. Although he didn’t feature on the overall winners’ group, he was called back for extra training as he was one of the most

outstanding talents on Popstars. Through Popstars, he received training and coaching from music veterans. In 2007, he joined award-winning gospel group, Intense, but later took his creative savvy to a another level by going solo.


Dr Tumi, who fellowships at Hillsong Church in Pretoria, is a friendly narrator that pulls

his fans through the healing places in his songs. “I write all my songs and I get inspiration from the Spirit of God. This can only come through a relationship with the Creator,” he reveals