The Hustle Season 1 Episode 5

By Faeza
12 August 2015

The Hustle contestants got a chance to reminisce on their time and experiences in the house, shared what they still expect, and how they feel about the contestants who have left.

This week’s first guest judge was none other than ‘Mr HD’ Reason, who tested the MCs’ creativity by challenging them to a freestyling contest – a prerequisite skill for all good rappers nowadays. Reason’s challenge saw Joburg’s Bigstar Johnson (Tumelo Rakumako) come out tops.

The next guest judge was the renowned DJ Dimplez – maker of hit tracks such as Yaya, Way Up and Rands and Nairas. He challenged the contestants to remix a song from their resident judges: AKA, Khuli Chana and Tumi Molekane. The added anxiety of performing the judges’ tracks was obvious and some of the contestants eventually buckled under the pressure. After a great comeback last week, sadly it was time up for Prince Vassago (Mpilo Mhlongo) of Joburg.



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