The new Philips Bodygroomer Series 1000 part 4

By Faeza
30 November 2015

This November, the new Philips Bodygroomer Series 1000 is bringing speed and efficiency to your sensitive grooming routine. The Bodygroomer is 100% waterproof, so you can simply rinse it clean under water when you’re done. It also comes with a non-slip grip, so you can easily use it under the shower

Wedge – essentially a manzilian that also eliminates some of the hair above your shaft, leaving a small landing strip. To achieve the look, take away all the hair and leave a small block above the shaft of your neither region. Take your trimmer and gently glide it up and down your man-tackle. Pull the skin tight and move the trimmer in any direction that feels comfortable.

And that’s it…now, let that bald eagle fly free this summer.

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