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By Faeza
09 June 2016

Most of us have been wondering who this Nonzwakazi Dayimani who has taken social media by storm is. In just a few months she has more followers than most celebrities in South Africa. In other words this girl is on fire. One thing we can all agree on is that Nonzwakazi speaks about matters of the heart and the pocket. Clearly she is not afraid to voice out her opinion.

The person behind Nonzwakazi own words:

“Nonzwakazi is a ghetto fictional character, who is not real but she talks about real issues. What makes her stand out is the fact that she speaks her mind. She is young black girl who most women can relate to and that is probably why most of her followers are women. To Nonzwakazi what is not normal in society is normal to her. She thinks if men are allowed to cheat so should women. As a black Xhosa girl there is nothing such as taboo in Nonzwakazi’s books. ”

Hopefully, Nonzwakazi will be releasing more videos very soon, stay put to social media.