The only thing Pabi Moloi's baby daddy wants is to see his child

By Faeza
14 February 2017

Most of us were taken by surprise on Monday morning after a video of what seemed to be Pabi Moloi's baby daddy fighting to see his son surfaced.

In the video that was posted on Instagram we can hear, Ruan Adams the father of the child, asking to see his son and Pabi's aunt and grand mother clearly stating that he must call the police if he want to see his child.

A day after the videos circulated on social media, Ruan took to Instagram and asked Pabi to  tell everyone what he did wrong.

He stated that kids who grow up without their fathers find it difficult in life.


#fatherseverywhere it's not easy begging and trying and asking and pleasing just to be throwen aside when your job is done like you're nothing but that I can live with... I have the same blood running through my veins as my son does how could you think I would choose you over him? He means more to me than the world and if it means I have to get dirty to fight for him trust that I will just like I know every parent out there would.. if someone took you kid and then was like now you see him now you don't would you not do the same... if you're a single dad out there and you love your kids fight brah cause they deserve to have you there they deserve to learn from you.. BE A MAN DO THE RIGHT THING #notadeadbeatdad #ifitsbrokeiwantmymoneyback #muslimsdontplaylikethat #discount