The perfect barbecue pork ribs

By Faeza
12 May 2017



¦ 125ml (½ cup) soy sauce

¦ 65ml (¼ cup) brown sugar

¦ 15ml (1 tablespoon) Worcestershire sauce

¦ 5ml (1 teaspoon) salt

¦ 250ml (1 cup) water

¦ 750g meaty pork ribs

Barbecue Sauce:

¦ 125ml (½ cup) tomato sauce

¦ 125ml (¼ cup) chili sauce or hot chutney

¦ 45ml (3 tablespoons) brown sugar

¦ 5ml (1 teaspoon) dry mustard

¦ 90ml (1/3 cup) water


Preheat oven to 200°C. For the ribs: In a medium saucepan, combine soy sauce, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, salt and water. Bring to a boil and set aside to cool to room

temperature. Put ribs in a large roasting tin. Pour marinade over ribs, marinate in the refrigerator for a few hours, turning occasionally to thoroughly coat the meat. Drain and discard marinade. Cover roasting tin with foil or a lid. Bake for 2 hours. For the barbecue

sauce: While the ribs are baking, blend tomato sauce, chili sauce, brown sugar,

dry mustard and water in a large saucepan. Bring mixture to a boil, stirring to dissolve sugar, remove from heat. When ribs are cooked and tender, remove from oven. Lower the oven temperature to 180°C. Brush ribs on both sides with barbecue sauce and return to oven to bake, uncovered, for a further 30 minutes