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The perfect way to apply make-up

By Faeza
13 January 2017

Make-up makes us look and feel good. However, many women who want to make a

good impression end up looking overdone. You don’t want to be

that woman!



A primer hides flaws on your face

and is always applied before putting

on a foundation.


Foundation is meant to even the

skin tone and is not meant to cover



A right blush for your skin tone will

bring a natural and healthy glow to

your face.


Mascara attracts attention to your



Wearing lipstick brings life to your



Bronzer brings a glow to your face.


¦ Use a foundation that is one tone

darker than your actual skin tone.

¦ Apply foundation on your eyelids

up to the brow. This will give your

entire face a smooth appearance.

¦ Apply your eyeliner as close to

the lash line as possible.

¦ Do apply foundation before

putting on your concealer.

¦ Ignore make-up trends and keep

it simple when it comes to your


¦ You should put bronzer on your

neck, face and chest to even out

your skin tone.

¦ When you are applying blush, first

smile, then start on the apple of the

cheek, mix the blush back towards

the top of the ear, then down

toward the jaw.


¦ Don’t use a concealer that is too

light or too dark.

¦ Don’t overdo mascara; clumped

mascara is distracting and messy.

¦ Don’t overdo your eyebrows.

Brows that are drawn on, pencil-thin,

overly sparse, strongly arched, or too

thick can make you look older.

¦ Don’t go to sleep with your makeup

on. Foundation and concealer

can clog your pores and cause spots

on your face.

¦ Mascara can make your eyelashes

fall out and become weak. Don’t

wear too much make-up.

¦ You must avoid putting concealer

on your eyelids as a base for your

make-up, it can cause your eye

make-up to crease.