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The problem child (Scandal)

By admin
30 July 2013

Since Dintle fell pregnant she’s been looking for an easy way out and has been too busy trying to find someone to pay for her mistakes to actually learn anything.

It’s hard not to feel sorry for Dintle even after all her scheming and conniving.  It’s very clear she’s just a child who thinks she knows everything but in reality she’s in way over her head. With very little help and guidance Dintle has become a selfish hustler only looking out for herself.

When Dintle realises that all the conniving and lying she has done over the past few months has come to nothing she finds the root of her problems; her baby and she’s got to go.

She’s lost her chance at a normal education and a normal childhood, her dreams of easy money have been dashed and every plan she’s made to get what she wants has failed because Motshabi always got in the way.

The question is not whether she should get rid of the baby but rather how she’s going to do it.

Dintle’s aunt Kutlwano finally has enough of her scheming and conniving niece who’s just as selfish as her own mother and kicks her out but this time luck is on Dintle’s side.

Blind to Dintle’s scheming Erin and Tino become her latest victims, taking her in and financing her dreams of a life of luxury.  With everything she ever dreamed of at her finger tips Dintle won’t stop pushing her luck but at what point will the Martins have enough?