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The real reason behind Pearl Thusi's money saving tips

By admin
20 July 2016

Recently Pearl Thusi has been on some saving tip on her social media. The TV personality has finally revealed that she’s been working with Sanlam bring to the fore wealth education to her fans.  

“You may have wondered why my posts this month have featured saving so strongly. I can now let you in on the reason why.

I’ve partnered with Sanlam Group to take part in a social experiment for #NationalSavingsMonth. To show what happens when we save as extravagantly as we spend,” she wrote.

She was not reticent to point out the social media ill that most people fall for. Saying, “So many people go broke because they’re trying to keep up with a lifestyle on social media that they just can’t afford. I really want to get across the message that being wealthy isn’t about what you post on Instagram – it’s what you’re saving for your future!” she concluded.

Here are some of her money saving posts:

Body guards, cuddle buddies, friends and personal trainers all in one!  (and they only charge me in dog treats)

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