The return of the ex part 3

By admin
21 November 2013

Khanyi Nkala wrote to Move! “I am 29-year-old lady of Denver and I recently went back to my love from the past. We had a date and he reminded me of how I used to treat him. I didn’t appreciate him, I used to shout at him for no reason and did not respect him. Is it a good idea to get back together, and how do I prepare for a successful relationship with an old lover?”

How can Khanyi prepare for a successful relationship?

Khanyi, you have taken the first step by admitting to the role that you played in the break-up of your relationship. You have taken an all-important step towards realistically examining yourself and this indicates your preparedness for a successful relationship.

Self-understanding is important in relationships of any nature.

You can begin the process of self-examination by listing on paper your weaknesses that may have contributed to the failure of your relationship. This will help you identify your limitations and how these affect people you may be in relationships with other than your ex. You have already identified some, such as lack of respect and appreciation for your partner. Explore your strengths. Consider talking to a trusted friend or family member about your limitations and strengths in relationships in general.

Honesty, faithfulness, communication, respect and trust are five qualities of a good relationship. These are all important in the development and maintenance of a mutual friendship, which is a basis on which a successful relationship may be built. If you lack any one of the five elements, the chances of a successful relationship are slim and will result in lack of appreciation or respect.