The return of the hustler - DJ S'bu

By Faeza
05 July 2016

Dj Sbu

Talented TV and radio personality DJ Sbu is back on the airwaves just as fans

were starting to miss his husky voice.

DJ Sbu, whose real name is Sbusiso Leope (37), says the only way he is going is up.

Speaking to Move! in an exclusive interview at The Gallery Squared-Men’s Designer Clothing Store in Melrose Crossing, Joburg, the entrepreneur reveals that he

is ready to get married.

But his female fans will be happy to know that the handsome star

is still looking for the future Mrs Leope.


Although he is a bachelor right now, DJ Sbu was almost snapped up by businesswoman Disebo Makatsa, who is also the mother of his two year-old daughter Waratwa Leope.

The two were engaged but cracks started showing in their relationship last year after it was

reported that Disebo apparently got tired of having a man who was

hardly ever at home.

DJ Sbu doesn’t dwell on the past and says he is in the right frame of mind to commit as his various business ventures are also gearing up for greater heights. He says he is looking for a woman who will fit in with his status and also be ready to settle down.

“I'd like to get married and have my own family. Family is important. I am really looking for someone who will walk with me in my journey,” he says, adding that he hasn’t met the

right woman yet. “I am hopeful that someone who really deserves me will come soon. I am working on getting someone that I really love.”


However, there is one female who is the apple of his eye. Little Waratwa comes first in the muso’s life. “My daughter is an angel and I love her dearly. She is the one

person who inspires me to work even harder. As a matter of fact, she is my boss.

Everything I do is because of her. I want her to live a better life and realise her dreams.

All my businesses are conducted through her trust, which is called Waratwa Trust. I am just really excited about being her father and she has really changed the way I view life,” he says.

while presenting the Metro FM Music Awards in 2015. This was in contravention of a guest presenter’s brief that stated: Please note that you are not allowed to do any form

of product placement.

DJ Sbu, who hosted an SABC game show called Friends Like These since it started in 2003, also stopped presenting the show. However, he says he is not holding any grudges against his former employers at the SABC and wouldn’t have a problem going back if the

opportunity presented itself.

“I really had a great time working at the SABC and I managed to grow in my craft. When I got fired from Metro FM, I felt like my world was crashing down on me. I had to focus

on pushing MoFaya energy drink as I knew that being miserable and complaining about being fired was not going to help me with anything,” says the DJ.

“I had to focus on building my brand and I am so proud of the support I am getting from my people,” he says, referring to his fans.


It's not only his businesses that he is focusing on. The DJ is back on radio as the host of shows on two radio stations and two TV channels. His daily shows will be broadcast on Vuma FM and 1KZN TV, both based in KwaZulu-Natal, Rise FM in Mpumalanga and Soweto TV, which is based in Gauteng. “This is an opportunity to reach a massive audience. It’s a radio meets TV type of project. I did a radio and TV shows at once while I was at YFM, but this one is in its own league.


DJ Sbu is also eager to tell us about his business ventures and how he has managed to pull himself together after being fired from the SABC. He was fired from Metro

FM after promoting his energy drink, MoFaya, off and on stage I am very grateful that the Vuma FM and Rise FM bosses allowed me to partner with them on this project.

We are going to surprise many people,” he says. DJ Sbu also currently hosts

entrepreneurship show, Kicking Doors with Sbu Leope on CNBC

Africa’s channel 410 on Dstv on Tuesday nights.

When he started out in his career, he hosted a weekend show at the Voice of Tembisa, before joining Gauteng youth radio station, YFM and later became Ukhozi FM’s

breakfast show host.


IN 2020

Besides his work and business interests, DJ Sbu is also a humanitarian. He is one of the

driving forces behind Leadership 2020, an initiative that motivates young people in South Africa.

He says his next move is to build a university for aspiring entrepreneurs. “I am working towards building a university that will specialise in creating more entrepreneurs.”

His educational programme called Sbu Leope Education Foundation has also helped many students make their dreams come true by providing bursaries.