The Road Accident Fund gives advice

By admin
13 October 2013

The Road Accident Fund gives advice.

What is the Road Accident Fund (RAF) and what does it do?

It is a public entity that has been set up to pay compensation to people injured in road accidents or the dependants of people killed in road accidents. These accidents are due to the negligent or careless driving of a motor vehicle in South Africa.

If someone is in a car accident, do they qualify for compensation from RAF? Who qualifies for compensation?

• A person who was personally injured (except a driver who was the sole cause of the accident)

• A dependant of a deceased victim

• A close relative of the deceased can claim for the funeral expenses.

A claimant under the age of 21 years must be assisted by a parent or legal guardian.

How do you claim?

A claim must be made on the RAF form 1 (claim form). This is available at offices of the Road Accident Fund. Every applicable point must be fully completed. The doctor that treated the injured person immediately after the accident must complete the medical report section on the claim form.