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The Township Idols: Beginnings

By admin
12 October 2013

Mahotella Queens are Hilda Tloubatla (63), Mildred Mangxola (61) and Nobesuthu Mbadu (60). Forty years into the music industry, they are still going strong.

Where did you meet?

We come from different places and we had one thing in common: we wanted to sing. We were also very sexy and slender at the time! We all wanted a recording deal. We really believe we were at the studio at the right time. We were put together by a talent scout who thought we would work best together.

So getting a recording deal was just matter luck?

It was only a bit of luck and a lot of work. Although we all had dreams of singing in Jozi, we all had to prove we had talent. Luck can never be the only thing that sustains you in this industry. We went through tough auditions. Back in the day, an audition meant you, the singer, and the pianist and your vocal capabilities were tested. These days I think people get recording deals and they can’t sing properly. Back in the day, you had to be good.

Where did you get your name?

The guy who put our group together just loved the word motel, which is like a hotel. He combined the motel and hotel and queens (which is really who we are) and that is how we got Mahotella Queens.