The truth about diabetes Part 2

By admin
28 August 2013

Diabetes: Let Move! debunk some of the myths about this condition.

MYTH: Only overweight people canget diabetes

Some people believe that aslong as their weight is within the‘normal’ range, they will not getdiabetes.

FACT: “Being overweight cancontribute to many conditions,including diabetes. Diabetes is caused by manyfactors, and even if you are notoverweight, you can still get it. In many cases,diabetes is genetic.

MYTH: Diabetes is not a veryserious disease

Many people with diabetes continueto drink, follow poor diets, smokeand live an unhealthy life becausethey believe that the disease doesn’tkill.Unfortunately, this usually leads tocomplications and it could lead to amore severe strain of the disease.

FACT: Diabetes is a very seriousdisease. It can also cause disabilitiesand other illnesses if it isnot taken seriously and managedproperly.

MYTH: People with diabetesshould eat a special diet

There is a perception that diabetics have to eat food that ‘normal’people don’t eat.

FACT: “People with diabetesshould eat a nourishing diet.Diabetic foods tend to be pricey, when a normal, nutritious diet canbe just as good.Eating wisely means having adiet that contains all the essentialvitamins.

MYTH: Eating toomanysweets causes diabetes For a long time, people have believed that diabetes is causedlargely by people eating too many sweet things,and this impression still persists today.The myth about diabetes being caused by sugar is very common. FACT: Eating too much sugaryfood doesn’t cause diabetes.It can increase your blood glucoseand make you overweight.