The Twitter war between Kenny Kunene and Julius Malema

By Faeza
21 September 2016

The controversial king of Shushi and businessman Kenny Kunene came out in full throttle launching an attack on EFF leader Julius Malema.

During an interview on SABC2’s Morning Live, Kenny accused the EFF leader of being a liar and leading a fake revolution.

"I founded the EFF... One of the reason that I left the EFF is exactly what is happening now in the EFF: The lies, the facade that is being put to the people of SA and the world that this is a revolutionary movement and that their leader is revolutionary man whereas he is the biggest liar," Kenny said.

Kunene explained his reasons why he saw Julius as a sell-out.

"He has insulted, he has spat, on the blood of the O.R Tambos, on the blood of the Solomon Mahlangus. He has no right to call himself a revolutionary or to even name Fanon, Che Guevara and all these revolutionaries who shed their blood in the name of economic revolution … there is no revolutionary left in that Judas," Kenny said    

  After the interview, Julius took to Twitter to seemingly respond to Kunene’s comments, calling the businessman “irrelevant” and saying he will not give him attention until Kenny is able to get 20 000 national votes. Twitter users saw Julius’s tweet as an attack on Kunene’s failed political career and Kenny is not the one to shy away from a fight, the businessman continued tossing insults at Julius via Twitter.  

Julius has since tweeted: "Hahahahaha, no mention from me. Wa swa moloi (the witch is dead)."