The “unofficial” Oscars goodie bag is worth over R3.5 million and here's what's in it

By Faeza
24 February 2016


It’s nearly time for the biggest award show of the year! The Oscars will take place on 28 February and while many of our favourite films of the last year didn’t get a mention, we’ll still be watching (if only to see if Leonardo DiCaprio finally gets his well-deserved Oscar).

But before the big day arrives, we get to talk about who we think will win, who will wear what and what will be in the luxurious goodie bags!

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the swag bag (which, unfortunately, doesn’t contain hot sauce) includes many lavish gifts including personalised M&Ms (R4590), a 10-day all expenses paid trip to Israel (over R840 000), a Vampire Breast Lift (over R29 000) and a Nuelle Fiera arouser (read: vibrator) for her (R3808).

This year’s goodie bag is 40% more expensive than last year’s one which was worth R2.4 million. But it isn’t authorised by the Academy. According to Variety, the Academy has denied any association with the gift bags compiled by Distinctive Assets as this year they’re planning to sue the company.

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