The value of human life

By admin
18 November 2014

Dr Pinky Ngcakani-Ncula is a specialist in Internal Medicine. She is a born-again believer who loves the Lord whole-heatedly. She is anointed to minister healing. This is Dr Pinky's take on the value of Human life .

I still cannot fully grasp what it is that makes man so precious in the sight of God, except that God has chosen for man to be so.

He spoke to His creation to birth fish, birds, the sea and all else. The Lord went beyond speech to actually forming man in His own image. This is the first privilege conferred on humanity. Man receives the highest accolades from God. Someone once said that when God wanted sea creatures, He spoke to the waters. When He wanted vegetation, He spoke to the ground and for birds, to the air. Sea creatures cannot survive apart from the waters, nor can vegetation when plucked out of its ground. Birds drown in water because all need to be attached to where God derived them.

Man, on the other hand, was formed when God spoke to Himself. Hence, man cannot survive apart from God. God is the Source that keeps man's dusty clay alive. So, firstly, man was formed uniquely and intimately by God in intimate acts of love.

Secondly, man is defined by His Maker, as God's image. God is Spirit, and His image is our spirit. God travels in man in the shell of flesh and bone. Man therefore is the invisible image of God covered in skin. Thirdly, man carries a bold mandate from his Maker – to produce godly children to fill the earth with His image. This seed carries the ability to have dominion over all created things, to stand out separate from other creatures in wisdom and power like God Himself.