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The wild olive into the true olives not the other way around

By Faeza
20 August 2015

My brethren are you like the Samaritian woman who was worshipping that which she did not know? Who are you worshiping and what is the source of your belief? Is your belief based on the original Jewish branch of the Olive Tree, or its based on Roman & Greek Mythology which is the branch of Wild Olives?

When asked if you know who you worship will your answer be yes? Then you give a Greek name of your savior. But you are oblivious of the only true Olive Tree that holds the Jewish branch which has the roots for any meaningful salvation, for the branches of anyone from the Wild Olive Tree. YaHShua stated his perpose for coming.

It is written~~~>{24 But he answered and said to them, Have I not been sent except to the sheep which went astray from the house of Israel?~~>{Matthew 15:24HRB}<~~~Through only the house of Israel is the way which salvation is to be obtained and through a Hebrew savour with a Hebrew Name not through the Replacement Theology. It is written "life is of the Jews".


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH