The Mandela Day Fun-Walk and Crime Prevention Campaign for the homeless

By Faeza
24 July 2015

Kitso Lesedi had a fun-walk on Mandela Day with and for homeless people, with the aim of raising awareness against Nyaope and crime prevention.

Kitso Lesedi was established in 2006, motivated by the increasing need to assist the homeless community around the Tshwane area by providing rehabilitation for them.  There were 4 distribution and feeding spots which were predominantly filled with homeless people, the final stop was as a shelter famously known as NO.2 Struben Street Shelter.

The targeted community includes children, youth, men, women, the elderly as well as those living with disabilities. The rehabilitation is varied from physical, spiritual, health, and mental care in supporting them to be a part of the mainstream society and positive contributors to that society.

Presentations by Department of Social Development were done on substance abuse and crime prevention at NO.2 Struben Street Shelter. Mr. Xolani Hlophe, a social worker, carried pamphlets with him that had information about substance abuse and how to get help. He emphasised how there is help available for drug users who want to change their lives: “You have the right to free and adequate information; it is for free in South Africa.”

Mr. Sivuyile Dunjwa spoke about the visible disadvantages of crime “People, especially young people, do not know that when you commit a crime today it will disadvantage you in the near future.”

Dr Senathi Fisha from Fisha Wellness Hospital gave the different issues dealt with at the hospital “A hospital that looks after people who have mental illnesses and those who are taking drugs, it is also for people who have relationship problems, people who can be mentally disturbed at any given time.” She concluded by saying:  “We run a hospital to make sure that we help people to become better community members.”

For the fun-walk to be a success Kitso Lesedi worked in partnership with Fisha Wellness Hospital, Umalusi, Nzhelele AFM Pretoria Branch, and City Of Tshwane with Move! Magazine covering the event.