Thembi Seete decides to delay her wedding day and motherhood!

By Faeza
02 August 2016

Love-birds Thembi Seete and Bobo Seritsane reveal reasons behind their wedding date delays.


Thembi Seete and her fiancé Bobo Seritsane have been together for more than 10-years and although the couple has tried to be cautious about sharing their relationship, the public has always been interested to know if they would ever tie the knot anytime soon.

In her interview with one of the weekly publication Thembi reveals why she has delayed her wedding day.

She was quoted saying “I delayed setting a wedding date because I’ve realised that marriage isn’t about the wedding ceremony or a ring on my finger, it’s about the connection you build with your partner. It was obviously awkward at first to have the conversation with Bo that I didn’t want to get married too soon after getting engaged.”

She went on to say many women don’t say this out loud, but the truth is that when someone asks for their hand in marriage, you ask yourself lots of questions.

“The difference with me is that I decided to seek out answers before jumping into marriage. Him wanting to get married immediately after the engagement scared me,” she says.

Thembi also added that the other reason for holding back on the wedding was due to her mother who was severely ill due to her being diagnosed with brain tumour.