Thembisile Ntaka On childhood

By admin
26 December 2013

Where are you from?

I was born in Hammarsdale in KwaZulu-Natal. I grew up with three siblings and was raised by my father and my aunt who I call mom.

How was your childhood?

My mother died when I was seven years old and my father took care of us. I had lots of love and discipline but we were poor. My father did odd jobs but was unemployed most of the time. My aunt who worked as a domestic worker made sure we went to school.

What did you wish for as a child?

I used to do laundry for some of my schoolteachers and would be amazed at their homes and furniture. I really wanted to live in beautiful home and have my own bed to sleep in.

Do you think growing up in a poor family is a disadvantage?

My background taught me how to share and work hard. My father and I used to share an egg and that made me realise the importance of sharing no matter what you have. I always wanted to have and give my family a better life – this made me determined.