Thembisile Ntaka On music

By admin
27 December 2013

How did you become part of Popstars 2004?

I wanted to enter the competition in 2003 but I confused the dates and the venues. I decided to enter again the following year. Entering and becoming a Popstar was a mixed journey of bad and good times.

Tell us about the bad experiences.

From the beginning of the auditions I felt like I didn’t belong because I didn’t have nice clothes like the other kids. They made me feel like an outcast and I remember being picked last for the group auditions. But my voice stood out and despite the way I looked the judges thought I was worthy of being a member of Adilah.

Tell us more.

Okay, I was happy when I was part of Adilah but it wasn’t all good. Some people made me feel like I was not worthy of being in the group, that I was not good enough and some even tried to change me. I’m a strong person but there were moments I doubted myself. Girls can be intimidating. When you start believing that you are worthless, you have a problem.