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There is no beef between Dineo Ranaka and Lerato Kganyago

By Faeza
02 June 2017

REALITY star and host of Metro FM's The Bridge, Dineo Ranaka, has shot down rumours of a feud between her and her The Bridge co-host, media personality, Lerato Kganyago. Dineo and Lerato were teamed up when Bonang Matheba left Metro FM in April after a reshuffle at the station.



Dineo is making light of reports alleging that her relationship with the former beauty queen and Live Amp co-host is catty and that the two are struggling to get along. According to a daily newspaper, the co-hosts reportedly had a brawl recently. It was reported that things got super awkward following a sexual joke Dineo made during the show. Seemingly, the joke did not sit well with Lerato, who did not find it funny and viewed it in bad taste. When Lerato registered her annoyance with the joke, Dineo reportedly told her where to get off and things allegedly got ugly, with the ladies coming

close to exchanging blows. Dineo reportedly stormed out of the studio to clear her head and the show continued when she came back. A source reportedly claimed the show’s producers were always shooting down Dineo’s ideas and because of this, “Lerato felt like she’s the main driver of the show and Dineo is just a passenger.”


But this is not the first time that the relationship between Dineo and Lerato has drawn attention. When other celebrities were supporting Lerato in her concern over her photo-shopped magazine cover last year, Dineo tweeted, “Complaints about magazines touching celebs on covers. The same people that never post pics on IG without filters,” to which Lerato responded, “Not beyond recognition Dineo!”. Dineo’s comments sparked rumours that there was beef between the two.


When asked for comment, Dineo said, “I have just read your WhatsApp inquiry to my dear

colleagues, namely, Lerato, Zama and Quinton and we are in stitches at your assumptions. It’s a pity that still in this day and age our local press will continue to resort to such measures to sell publications. Unfortunately Lerato and I have no story that fits your objectives. What we do have though, is a sisterhood, a friendship and a growing

sound and professional working relationship. We are currently on air doing what we do best, which is edutaing our nation. We would prefer to not be disrupted by such petty inquiries. However, as a woman, should you have something more empowering to enquire about, we would be more than happy to give you a moment of our time.” Lerato did not answer questions Move! sent to her by the time of going to print and her phone was off.