These helpers spring clean your home while they are naked

By Faeza
02 December 2016

WHEN you hire a cleaning service to clean your house, you expect the cleaners to show up fully clothed. Well, if you employ NudeMaid Services, you will be provided with naked cleaners to clean your house or naked waitresses to cater at your event.


Joburg businessman, Moshe Magongoa (26), is the brains behind this business, which has sent shock waves throughout Gauteng. The company provides maids or waitresses who work either in lingerie or in the nude. Moshe has been criticised and lambasted as an employer who is degrading the dignity of women, with some people even going as far as saying he is running an escort agency. However, Moshe defends his company and states

that he is not running an escort agency, but a sexy domestic worker and hospitality company with a good reputation. “I am not running an escort agency, but a sexy

maid and hospitality business to entice my clients. It must also be noted that I am not only employing women, but there are men who are also employed,” he says. “There are so many people who don’t have time to clean their houses, and my services come in handy and in style.”


Moshe says if clients are a little adventurous, they can request for the cleaners to work in the nude. This, he says, is aimed at giving the clients great satisfaction emotionally as his staff are there to clean the house and give the client a great time by just looking at their bodies. “This is one business that has an element of fun for my clients,” he says “But I must state that there will be no touchy touchy while my staff is cleaning your house or

waitressing at your event. It’s a very clean business that has nothing to do with sex or kissing, but the aim is about cleaning the house or serving food.”


The founder of NudeMaid Services also says he is not using prostitutes or strippers to work for him, but has employed genuine people – some of whom are students and he pays them well. “My business has about 90 employees and I pay them well. They earn around R10 000 to R15 000 a month, and I am glad that I managed to create employment for other people,” he says. “My services differ from what each client needs. If a client wants my employee to work wearing lingerie, a R650 price tag comes with that. When

it is a topless service, you pay R700. But when you want to admire a completely naked woman or man, you pay R800 for four hours. My clientele is growing and a lot of people want to be employed by my company. There is one woman aged 50, who wanted to work for me, but I told her I employ people aged between 23 to 33.” Asked if his staff is safe from being raped or killed by some of his clients, Moshe says he has bodyguards who are on high alert. “Before we offer you our services, we do a background check. We have bodyguards who accompany our staff to the house calls, so their safety is guaranteed,” he says.