Thieves steal Ntsiki Mazwai's weed

By Faeza
25 April 2017

Controversial poet and musician Ntsiki Mazwai was in high spirits as she was going to attend her graduation ceremony. But as she was preparing to go to Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape for her Masters of Arts graduation, she also decided to pack her stuff in her car, including weed.

However as she was in high spirit and ready to hit the road to her destination, thieves broke into her car while she was sleeping. These criminals helped themselves to Ntsiki's personal belongings and also decided to steal her weed which she stashed safely in the car.

Angry Ntsiki took to Twitter and stated that she was so miserable after thieves had stole her weed so that they could be high at her expense.

However the incident didn't deter her mood to go to Rhodes University for her graduation.

Ntsiki was even not bothered by the flack she got on social media after she had posted that her weed was stolen.