Things about pregnancy not even the Internet wants to tell you

By Faeza
29 February 2016

black woman pregnant

When you’re actually knocked up, you realise how stupid Hollywood can be. In movies, pregnancy’s a magical event that only happens below the belt. Your uterus swells up like a water balloon, which suddenly pops in public and then, two minutes of screaming and panting later, BABY! Nothing else changes, except maybe you have some theatrically appropriate crying jags and food cravings.


Pregnancy is more than a water-balloon uterus. It’s a whole-body, total-mindf*#k experience. Yes, you’ll poop on the delivery table and want pickles at weird times and get stretch marks or not get stretch marks and your boobs will get bigger and people will try to touch your belly and you’ll want to punch them. But there’s a whole host of other stuff that no one, not even the internet, likes to talk about.

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