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This is how to deal with brittle nails

By Faeza
02 September 2016

Brittle nails are caused by a number of factors including your diet, medical conditions, lack of moisture and the use of chemicals.


¦ Eat foods essential for keeping your nails healthy.

¦ Visit your nearest chemist for advice on what type of vitamins you can use to

strengthen your nails.

¦ Always use a hand cream that contains Vitamin E after washing your hands. This will help make your nails stronger.

¦ Drink plenty of lemon water to move the body from being acidic to being alkaline.

¦ Avoid using nail polish until your nails are healed. Some nail polishes contain harmful ingredients.

¦ Also stay away from buffing your nails as this worsens the damage.

¦ If your nails break a lot and show discolouration, please visit the nearest doctor.