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This is the right way to take care of your weave

By Faeza
12 July 2016

The secret is to take care of the weave as you would look after your own hair; after

all, it is human hair. Human hair extensions can last almost a year if you take care of them.

All you need to do is to:

¦ Comb your weave daily. If you don’t do this, the hair gets tangled and falls off.

¦ Deep-condition it like you  would do with your own hair.

¦ Make sure your own hair dries properly after you wash and condition.

¦ Don’t style your weave using heat more than twice a week.

¦ Never put any form of grease or oil on your weave. This will make it look cheap and heavy.

¦ Never brush your weave when it’s wet. This is when it is most vulnerable.