Thursday 7 November 2013

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07 November 2013

Thursday 7 November 2013

#Generations: Sello gives a grim warning regarding the Dlomos. MJ’s friends don’t know how to cheer him up. Zodwa is more confused than ever.

#Isidingo: The hacker strikes again -- this time directly at his target, Benjamin le Roux. Lerato meets a cancer survivor and her attitude to her own cancer changes. Jefferson charms an associate into signing a crucial deal -- surprising Nikiwe in the process.

#Muvhango: Mulalo takes the stand in defense of Azwindini, but only makes matters worse.

When Thuli sees Busani and Thandaza together, she gets the wrong end of the stick. Agnes and Mampho fight over her decision to lie to the family.

#Rhythmcity:David finds out about Suffocate’s connection to Mbuso from Niki. Mbuso stages another raid on the club and this time he finds incriminating evidence. Mampho turns to Reneilwe for a friendly ear, but she soon feels betrayed when she realises that Reneilwe did not keep her secret.