Tip Of The Day

By Faeza
10 July 2015

If you’re in the mood for a chewy snack that doubles as a phenomenal health food, look no further than Pouyoukas pumpkin seeds. With a wide variety of nutrients ranging from magnesium and manganese to copper, protein and zinc, pumpkin seeds are nutritional powerhouses wrapped up in a very small package.

The 5 top health benefits of pumpkin seeds

  1. Magnesium

One-quarter cup of pumpkin seeds contains nearly half of the recommended daily amount of magnesium, which participates in a wide range of vitally important physiological functions.

  1. Zinc

Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of zinc, which is important to your body in many ways, including immune support, cell growth and division, sleep, mood, your senses of taste and smell, eye and skin health, as well as insulin regulation.

  1. Plant based omega-3 fats

Raw nuts and seeds, including pumpkin seeds, are one of the best sources of plant-based omega-3s, which are essential for good health. They play a key role in brain function, heart health and reducing inflammation in the body. Although pumpkin seeds only contain a small amount of omega-3 fatty acids, these good fats help balance your daily diet.

  1. Heart and liver health

Pumpkin seeds are rich in healthy fats, antioxidants and fibres, which may provide benefits for heart and liver health, particularly when mixed with flax seeds.

  1. Tryptophan for restful sleep

Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of tryptophan, an amino acid that your body converts into serotonin, which in turn is converted into melatonin, the “sleep hormone.” Eating pumpkin seeds a few hours before bed, along with a carbohydrate like a small piece of fruit, may be especially beneficial to help promote a restful night’s sleep.