Tips on how to fix flaws in your skin

By Faeza
30 September 2016

The appearance of our skin is an important part of our image. If our skin doesn’t

appear healthy, this can lead to low self-esteem. We help you reverse skin damage.


¦ Smoking: Cigarettes can dry out

the skin and cause wrinkles. In severe

cases, it can cause tissue damage.

¦ Pollution: Living in a polluted

environment can affect your skin. For

example, smoke and dust irritate the

skin causing it to break out.

¦ Sunburn: Excessive exposure to

the sun causes premature ageing

and skin cancer.

¦ Chemicals: Exposing your skin to

household detergents, such as air

freshener, harsh soaps and bleach,

will damage it.

¦ Medication: Some prescribed

medication take a toll on the skin.


¦ Blemishes: They start as pimples

and turn into dark spots.

¦ Dry skin: When the skin has no

moisture, it appears dull and ashy.

It can feel very tight and crack if not

given immediate attention.

¦ Oily skin: Many women don’t

believe in moisturising the skin

because they want to avoid having

an oily skin. But this has a negative

effect as the skin will naturally pump

out oil when it’s dry.


¦ Stay away from the sun and always

put on sunscreen.

¦ Exfoliate once or twice a week to

remove dead skin cells.

¦ Steam the face every night before

you go to bed to open up the pores.

¦ Wash, tone and moisturise every

night to keep the skin looking clean

and healthy.