Tips on how to start a perfect fire for a braai

By Faeza
22 September 2016

With heritage day being a couple hours away, we all know what that means to most South Africans - National braai day.

To get you started on your braai journey, here's a few tips on how to start a perfect fire for your braai:

1. Clean braai grill with raw onion.

2. Make sure you set up the coal like  in a pyramid shape.

3. Insert three firelighters evenly and light em up.

4. Leave for 20 to 30 full minutes, the flames should have died down at that point and if          you have followed these instructions- the charcoal should have turned white.

5. If you get this far you are almost done… now spread the charcoal more evenly around          the barbecue rack using a barbecue tool.

6. Wait for the flames to die down. This is because they are soaked in kerosene.

7. Don’t cover all of the base of the rack with charcoal..