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Tips on keeping your skin from ageing

By Faeza
23 September 2016

With age, the skin becomes old just like the rest of our bodies.

Most of the time what we think of as a natural ageing is

in fact due to sun exposure and other factors.

Tips to stop your skin from ageing:

Avoid drinking through straws 

The pursing of the lips causes unnecessary wrinkles.

Get enough sleep

Reduce caffeine during the day (with none in the evening), and avoid eating for at least two hours before you go to bed. Maintain a regular sleep routine that includes going to bed at the same time.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach

Doing so prevents wrinkles and keeps boobs from sagging.

Don't smoke, wrinkles occur sooner and run deeper in people who smoke.

Use cold water instead of warm water Warm water opens pores

Whereas cold water tightens them. Steam clean to maintain your skin’s lustre, steam your face over a bowl of hot water, cleanse with your usual face wash, and splash with cool water to tighten your face.

Watch what you eat

Eat colorful fruits and veggies. The antioxidants in them help to stop unstable molecules from damaging healthy cells. Also, eat lots of grapes as they have a powerful antioxidant.

Eat whole grains that are rich in fibre, including oats, quinoa, barley,

wheat and brown rice. Make fish a regular feature in your diet.

Omega-3 fatty acids in oily fish also contain many anti-ageing benefits for your skin.

Drink a lot of green tea, for its powerful antioxidant properties for staying youthful.