Tips to deal with gossip at work

By Faeza
21 July 2015

There is nothing that ruins working relationship in workplace than gossip. Gossiping is enjoyable when you first hear about it but it has hurtful consequences that can ruin your relationship with your colleagues permanently.

Here Are Some Tips To Deal With Gossip At A Workplace:

  1. Communication Importance: It is very vital to keep communication open between you and your colleagues to help achieve production.

  1. Avoid Gossipers: Try to avoid being drawn in the gossiping topic especially if you don’t really know what happened or what is happening.

  1. Ask Questions: If someone is telling you something secretive about your colleague, it is best to ask questions to make sure that the information you were told is true.

  1. Be Professional: Every time you hear that someone was gossiping about you, make sure that you deal with the gossiper in a more professional way, deal with the gossip not the person.

  1. Be Smart: When dealing with gossip at work, don’t show how smart you are by always pointing the bad about gossip. Keep your enemies close so that you don’t push your colleagues away.