Tips to study for an exam

By Faeza
16 July 2015

We all know that grade 12 learners are now closer to realising their dream to pass matric and focus on their future goals. It is vital that we give them tips to realize their dreams.

Five Tips To Study For An Exam:

  • Enough Sleep: You do need to sleep as much as possible for your body and mind to function well.

  • Eat Healthy: It is important to eat healthy when you are busy with your exams to boost the way your mind works. Fish contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are good for the brain

  • Test Break Down: Ask your classmates and teachers what are the important things to look out on your exam.

  • Best Strategy: Always try to study before you sleep or shortly after you have woken up.

  • Revision: Make sure you revisit all your tests and homework.